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What Your Coffee Order Says About You

Let’s be honest, your coffee order says A LOT about who you are. And just like your local bartender shaking your cocktails, your regular Barista is pretty savvy about the type of person they’re pouring for. So, what does your coffee order say about you?

Long Black

You’re a serious go getter. Not only do you like your coffee as black as the devil’s soul, you’re also not afraid to get straight to the point. Long Black drinkers are notoriously strategic. You’ve completely side stepped syrups and milk because who’s got time to hang around for a mixed pour? You’re a sunglasses on, windows down kinda drinker and you truly value a good brew. You calculate decisions, weighing up each option equally. Your signature dance move is The Robot, because fluidity is overrated and The Robot has always done you proud.


Cappuccino drinkers are the most likely to be socialites. Hanging out with friends at your local cafe and ordering cappucino after cappucino is your idea of the perfect weekend. Your coffee order says that you’re a true celebrator of caffeine and that you respect the skill of a good frothy pattern atop your beverage. Coffee for you is an event. An indulgent escape on a Saturday morning in the sun. You’re not afraid to engage in frivolous discussions about the latest celebrity bombshells or recap last night’s Bachelorette episode. Your guilty pleasure is chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, because that means it’s totally fine to eat a row or two… Okay, three or four. Heck, finish off the block!

Nitro Coffee

Ahead of the trends, you know a good thing when you see it. Your Nitro Coffee order says that you’re adventurous, yet level headed and aren’t about to stay in a 9-5 office job for the rest of your life. Friends call you when they need insider info about the hottest new openings in your town and of course, have deep and meaningfuls with you during seaside strolls. You’re a pretty big advocate for health but you’re not one to boast. You open people’s eyes to new experiences and everybody loves you for it.

Caramel Latte

This coffee order says that you’re a bit of fun. You don’t take yourself too seriously and just love the convenience of combining sweet treats with your morning coffee. You manage your time with expert finesse and can’t say no to a 2 for 1 offer. Despite the fact that you’ve taken on a new job, have a successful macrame side hustle and just said yes to a new dance class each week, you’ve still got all of the time in the world to sit back, relax, sip Caramel Lattes and catch some rays on the weekend with your pooch (most probably a dachshund).

Espresso Martini

You understand that Friday night boogies aren’t complete without a sip of your favourite bevvie. We mean, why miss out on the good stuff just because you’re out on the town? Your evening coffee order says that you’ve got stamina, but a little boost of energy never hurt anyone. You’re classy. You’re the life of the party and you’ve won three dance competitions to date for your knee slides across the dance floor - A reliable crowd pleaser. You never reply to Facebook group chats, but you’ll always show up to the event after three days of phone pings, with an Espresso Martini in hand.

Organic Brew

You’re an environmental ambassador and love escaping to rainforests on weekends. Your organic coffee order says that you respect our dear friend Mother Nature and that you can’t get enough of guilt free caffeinated rejuvenators. In the home you use Biodegradable Coffee Pods and remind your friends that the change is simple! You dream of volunteering in South America and religiously bring your favourite travel mug everywhere you go. You spread love and warmth to your circle of friends and everyone envies your nurturing personality.

Chai Latte

A massive chiller, you’re a poached eggs on toast lover and paprika is sprinkled on basically every meal that you eat. While a Chai Latte doesn’t actually contain coffee, wanna know what this delicious beverage order says about you? It says that you’re spontaneous, charismatic and there’s more than meets the eye. You’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in and your favourite pastime is writing poetry on the back of coasters. You’re a lone wolf, but in a good way. You stargaze and meditate because ritualisation is kind of your jam. And secretly, you guzzle dirty chai's when nobody's looking because how else are you going to deliver that motivational speech to your pet cat?

What’s your favourite brew? Did we totally nail what your coffee order says about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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