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The 5 Best Espresso Martini Recipes

If you're a fan of cocktails that keep you upright, no doubt you’re a regular espresso martini slurper - and you’re gonna love our 5 best espresso martini recipes! Creamy, delicious and loaded with the good stuff (coffee, duh!), espressos are a fave late night cocktail in our books too. 

 Originating from Soho in London, the 1980s saw a new little devil on the drinks list - The almighty espresso martini.  And while the early days of espresso martinis didn’t stray too far from the traditional variety, now there are a whole selection of interesting and delicious espressos that you can even make yourself.

 Here we’ll share with you our five favourite espresso martini recipes that you can make at home with your Premiato Coffee Beans!


 Now let’s get to the good stuff.


Traditional Espresso Martini

How could we leave this little baby off the list?  After all, she’s to thank for the variety of recipes that followed in her footsteps.


50ml Vodka

35ml Coffee Liqueur

1 Shot of Premiato Espresso


Coffee Beans (to garnish)


Firstly, fill your martini glass and cocktail shaker with ice. 

Then pour your vodka, coffee and espresso into your cocktail shaker. 

Get shaking, empty your glass of ice and pour in your mix (FYI, follow this cooling procedure for each cocktail). Top with 3 coffee beans if you have them handy and prepare yourself for the best traditional espresso martini you’ve ever had!

Traditional Espresso Martini
Espresso Martini


Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

 We’re a sucker for basically anything salted.  So when it comes to our espresso martinis, a little sprinkle of the sea’s jewels are a-okay with us.


50ml Vodka

30ml Premiato Espresso

20ml Salted Caramel

Crushed Honeycomb (to garnish)


Pour your delicious Premiato espresso, coffee vodka and salted caramel concoction into your cocktail shaker.  Give it a big ol’ shake for a nice foamy top layer and double strain into your martini glass.  Garnish with crushed honeycomb for the finishing touch. 

salted caramel espresso martini


Nutella Espresso Martini

Yes, this is a real thing. Nutella espresso martinis are perfect for girls nights, dates or generally at any time where you want to spoil yourself!


45ml Premiato Espresso

20ml Vodka

20ml Frangelico

20ml Milk (of your choice)

2 Tbsp Nutella

1 Tsp Cocoa Powder


Extra Nutella & chopped hazelnuts (to garnish)


Gently heat your milk in a pan, adding your Nutella and cocoa powder and then stirring until smooth. Leave to cool.  Spread Nutella around the rim of your martini glass, then dip into chopped hazelnuts.  Shake up your chilled mix in a cocktail shaker and pour.  Cheers! 

nutella espresso martini


Irish Espresso Martini

If espresso martinis were socially acceptable to drink in the morning, we could drink these all day long!  Not for the faint hearted, this Irish espresso martini recipe packs a punch.


60ml Irish Whiskey

120ml Premiato Coffee (30ml shot) (chilled)

Whipped Cream


Mix together your Premiato Coffee and whiskey, shake it all up before pouring into a martini glass - Then top with cream.  Enjoy!

Irish espresso martini


Spicy Espresso Martini

We may have saved the best until last with this one.  If you like your cocktails fiery, then this spicy espresso martini recipe is sure to do the trick. 


Shot of Premiato Coffee

30ml Vodka

30ml Milk

2 Tbsp Sweetened Condensed Milk

Ice Cubes

Pinch Curry Powder

Pinch Chilli Powder

Chilli (to garnish)


Extract a shot of Premiato coffee and mix with the sweetened condensed milk in a martini shaker until combined.  Add your milk, vodka, curry powder and chili powder to your pre-chilled cocktail shaker.  Keep shaking until your arms are about to fall off and pour into your martini glass.  Top with a chilli, if you dare! 


What did you think of these 5 best espresso martini recipes?  Are you going to tackle one to make yourself?  Tag your homemade espresso martini with @premiatocoffee to be featured on our Instagram!

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