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The Best Wholesale Coffee

We are a premium Gold Coast wholesale coffee roaster, having won 37 national awards for our fresh, delicious coffee. Having supplied our wholesale customers for more than 11 years, we appreciate the relaxed relationships we've built. We're happiest when we hear about your happy customer or colleagues feedback!
37 Awards

Discounted Coffee

We provide discounted coffee for ABN businesses, cafes, schools, restaurants and others in the hospitality industry. Read more about our alternative approach to lock-in coffee contracts below.

Quality Coffee

We only purchase and use high grade green beans. We use a Has Garanti roaster with roast profiling  to maintain consistently great coffee.

Essentials & Equipment

We have stock of branded takeaway cups, chocolate & chai powder and syrups for use in your business. We can also assist with equipment including espresso machines and grinders for sale or rental.

Cafe, Restaurant, Takeaway, Hospitality? 
A new alternative to Lock-in Coffee Contracts

"What I'm proposing is avoiding free-on-loan, lock-in contracts that add to stress levels on both sides, whether you're having a rough week, or doing really really well."
Is the traditional approach to wholesale coffee supply right for you? 
Looking at getting into your hospitality business? Or in a coffee contract with a coffee roaster and stressing each day? Wondering if you'll get that comment from them about not the meeting the minimum order quantities that you signed up for? Or perhaps your business is increasing hand over bean, and you are starting to shop around for a better deal because your feel the roaster is scalping you?

Optimists start businesses. I'm one. You are as well, otherwise you wouldn't be wanting to run your own show.

After 10 years as a coffee roaster, I've realised the trend is for customers to want more control and greater choice. This is why most phone plans nowadays are prepaid, not under contract.

What I'm proposing is avoiding free-on-loan, lock-in contracts that add to stress levels on both sides, whether you're having a rough week, or doing really really well.

You may like the option of building your own brand identity, rather than making your cafe/hospitality business look like a franchise of [another coffee roaster].
If you love our brand and would prefer our signage, we can assist with that too.

Why choose our approach?

Lower Cost = More Profit to You
We have lower operating costs, allowing us to provide coffee cheaper than the "contracts competition". Our pricing starts off low, and discounts increase with the size of your order. The lock-in contract model becomes expensive if your volume is increasing as things are going well. Basically if your business takes off, you will make more profit.

Lower Stress
A slow week? A flu pandemic? Fantastic sales but locked into a contract paying high prices? There are enough things to think about just running the day-to-day of your business. Why worry about that weekly minimum that you have to meet?

What if you find that the quality is inconsistent, sometimes good, sometime just over-roasted or uneven? In my experience this is the main reason someone is considering changing their supplier. But if you're under contract it may make it very difficult to change suppliers. You and your customers deserve better. Our model keeps the roaster on his (or her) toes!

Awesome Coffee
We roast awesome coffee so that your customers can have awesome coffee. Our main cafe blend Costa D'oro has been around for a while now and has won 12 national awards. We have a stronger, darker brother in Bellissimo blend too. As well as organic and single origin coffees. Even award winning decaf :) And roasted right here in Australia.

Shipping Australia-Wide
Local deliveries are not expensive, and by using competitive freight services like Sendit we can even ship 23kg to Perth for $39 (and that includes insurance!).
We will on-charge our freight costs only, with no markups.

White Label Coffee and Custom Roasting
You are welcome to brand the coffee with your label, and have it as an additional product line to sell through your store.  We will roast, weigh (grind if required) and pack using your coffee labels for you. We can also work with you to create your own custom roast.

Assistance with Equipment
If you need a coffee machine, grinder and the accessories we could help out with advice and discounted pricing, for outright purchase or rental through SilverChef. Good brand machines are usually very reliable, and with regular cleaning and basic maintenance, will give years of trouble-free service. We will provide a guide to looking after and getting the most out of your equipment.

If you feel this is the way you would like to go, please give me a call/email or use the contact us form and let's see what we can do for you.

Thank you
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1800 444 999

What others think of our coffee 

Coffee Awards

Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2019
Colombian - BRONZE (Cappuccino - Classic International)
Decaf Organic- BRONZE (Cappuccino)
Costa D'oro Blend - BRONZE (Espresso/Short Black , Medium Roast)
Costa D'oro Blend - SILVER (Plunger)
Bellissimo Blend - BRONZE (Cappuccino, Dark Roast)
Bellissimo Blend - SILVER (Espresso/Short Black, Dark Roast)
Colombian - SILVER (Plunger)

Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2018
BRONZE - Costa D'oro blend

Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2017
BRONZE - Costa D'oro blend
BRONZE - Bellissimo blend
BRONZE - Ethiopian Organic

Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2016
SILVER - Mexican Finca Espana single origin
BRONZE - Costa D'oro blend
BRONZE - Brazil Organic Single Origin
BRONZE - Bellissimo blend
BRONZE - Ethiopian Organic

Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2015
BRONZE - Organic blend
BRONZE - Brazil Organic Single Origin
BRONZE - Bellissimo blend
BRONZE - Bellissimo blend

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2015
SILVER - Organic Blend
BRONZE - Costa D'oro cafe blend

Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2014
SILVER - Costa D'oro cafe blend
BRONZE - Costa D'oro cafe blend
BRONZE - Bellissimo blend

Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2012
Bronze - Costa D'oro cafe blend
Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2011
SILVER - Bellissimo blend
SILVER - Brazil Organic Single Origin
SILVER - Costa D'oro blend
BRONZE - Costa Rican
BRONZE - Zambian Terranova
BRONZE - Ethiopian Organic

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2011
BRONZE - El Salvador Organic
BRONZE - Costa D'oro cafe blend

Golden Bean Awards 2011
BRONZE - Costa Rica Tarrazu

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2010
SILVER - Brazil Organic
BRONZE - Costa D'oro cafe blend

Wholesale Client Testimonials

"I’ve been a fan of this coffee for years especially the Costa D'oro blend. Find a coffee shop that makes it well and you’ll be hooked for sure Love it!" 
The Industrial Milkbar Cafe Perth

"We love our coffee from Premiato Coffee!!! the fresh aroma of Premiato Coffee wafts through our business daily
Norman Jarvie
Gold Coast.

"As the preferred supplier for Zumo Mobile Organic Coffee, I highly recommend Premiato Coffee. They supply a great award winning coffee and service that is hard to beat in this industry. Regards
Tom and Karla Keough

And Flashback! One of our first reviews back when our roastery was called Coffee Lovers in 2011:
"This afternoon I called into pick up my favourite locally roasted coffee from The kids at Coffee Lovers. Justine Hawker and John Boswell were receiving news of a huge award for 2 of their establishment roasted blends. The Organic one is to die for, and Costa oops-something I forgot.
The upshot is that these young people are having a great shot at success and in the throes are beating some of the biggest and most exclusive coffee purvaeyors in Australia."
Normie Rowe 
Legendary Australian Musician
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