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It's something we take for granted. The science of how we taste things is quite fascinating.

We may have 10,000 tastebuds from birth, but how you experience the taste of something (like great coffee! :) is a combination of using those tastebuds, your sense of smell and the texture or mouthfeel of your food or drink. It turns out the tongue map of old (dating back to 1901) with the regions for sour, sweet, bitter and salty could even be wrong - there may be a FIFTH TASTE called umami (for "brothy" or "meaty" tastes). The umami taste won't play a big part in tasting your coffee though.

We all taste things differently. Some of us could be supertasters (high concentrations of taste receptors) and more likely to take our coffee without adding anything like syrups or choc. And some of us love the sweet add-ons!

Our taste buds have about 10-50 cells responsible for tasting, and are replaced every 7 days or so. We do start losing taste buds from the age of 50 or 60 though, which may then lead you to seek out different flavours.

The Role of Smell 

Much of the sensation of taste is due to our ability to smell, as we can discern thousands more smells than tastes.

So the tasting starts when we get that first whiff! stimulating nerves high up in our noses.

The Role of Texture

This is more about the psychology of taste, and how we interpret what we are eating or drinking. This is where texturing or "stretching" the milk comes into it's own, as it creates a wonderful sensation in the mouth. Or even for an espresso shot, savouring the crema (from fresh coffee) after pouring the shot is also important to your tasting experience.

Next time you take a sip of your favourite, take a moment and savour the flavour, the mouthfeel and the aroma. Then you're good to go ? 

Let’s be honest, your coffee order says A LOT about who you are. And just like your local bartender shaking your cocktails, your regular Barista is pretty savvy about the type of person they’re pouring for. So, what does your coffee order say about you?

Long Black

You’re a serious go getter. Not only do you like your coffee as black as the devil’s soul, you’re also not afraid to get straight to the point. Long Black drinkers are notoriously strategic. You’ve completely side stepped syrups and milk because who’s got time to hang around for a mixed pour? You’re a sunglasses on, windows down kinda drinker and you truly value a good brew. You calculate decisions, weighing up each option equally. Your signature dance move is The Robot, because fluidity is overrated and The Robot has always done you proud.


Cappuccino drinkers are the most likely to be socialites. Hanging out with friends at your local cafe and ordering cappucino after cappucino is your idea of the perfect weekend. Your coffee order says that you’re a true celebrator of caffeine and that you respect the skill of a good frothy pattern atop your beverage. Coffee for you is an event. An indulgent escape on a Saturday morning in the sun. You’re not afraid to engage in frivolous discussions about the latest celebrity bombshells or recap last night’s Bachelorette episode. Your guilty pleasure is chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, because that means it’s totally fine to eat a row or two… Okay, three or four. Heck, finish off the block!

Nitro Coffee

Ahead of the trends, you know a good thing when you see it. Your Nitro Coffee order says that you’re adventurous, yet level headed and aren’t about to stay in a 9-5 office job for the rest of your life. Friends call you when they need insider info about the hottest new openings in your town and of course, have deep and meaningfuls with you during seaside strolls. You’re a pretty big advocate for health but you’re not one to boast. You open people’s eyes to new experiences and everybody loves you for it.

Caramel Latte

This coffee order says that you’re a bit of fun. You don’t take yourself too seriously and just love the convenience of combining sweet treats with your morning coffee. You manage your time with expert finesse and can’t say no to a 2 for 1 offer. Despite the fact that you’ve taken on a new job, have a successful macrame side hustle and just said yes to a new dance class each week, you’ve still got all of the time in the world to sit back, relax, sip Caramel Lattes and catch some rays on the weekend with your pooch (most probably a dachshund).

Espresso Martini

You understand that Friday night boogies aren’t complete without a sip of your favourite bevvie. We mean, why miss out on the good stuff just because you’re out on the town? Your evening coffee order says that you’ve got stamina, but a little boost of energy never hurt anyone. You’re classy. You’re the life of the party and you’ve won three dance competitions to date for your knee slides across the dance floor - A reliable crowd pleaser. You never reply to Facebook group chats, but you’ll always show up to the event after three days of phone pings, with an Espresso Martini in hand.

Organic Brew

You’re an environmental ambassador and love escaping to rainforests on weekends. Your organic coffee order says that you respect our dear friend Mother Nature and that you can’t get enough of guilt free caffeinated rejuvenators. In the home you use Biodegradable Coffee Pods and remind your friends that the change is simple! You dream of volunteering in South America and religiously bring your favourite travel mug everywhere you go. You spread love and warmth to your circle of friends and everyone envies your nurturing personality.

Chai Latte

A massive chiller, you’re a poached eggs on toast lover and paprika is sprinkled on basically every meal that you eat. While a Chai Latte doesn’t actually contain coffee, wanna know what this delicious beverage order says about you? It says that you’re spontaneous, charismatic and there’s more than meets the eye. You’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in and your favourite pastime is writing poetry on the back of coasters. You’re a lone wolf, but in a good way. You stargaze and meditate because ritualisation is kind of your jam. And secretly, you guzzle dirty chai's when nobody's looking because how else are you going to deliver that motivational speech to your pet cat?

What’s your favourite brew? Did we totally nail what your coffee order says about you? Let us know in the comments below!

The Life Cycle of a Coffee Bean

The life cycle of a coffee bean is a seriously intricate one, filled with all types of processes that culminate to create the delicious brew that ends up in your cup.  And what better way to find out about it than by coming on the journey of a coffee bean with us!  Here’s the entire coffee process from tree to cup.


Coffee begins it’s humble life as a delicate shrub and battles with the natural elements until, tada, a few years later (three to be exact) becomes a tree.  Coffee trees can grow up to ten metres tall and produce a helluva lot of beans.  It’s within the three years that the coffee tree begins growing its fruit, also known as cherries.  The first few seasons start with a small amount of cherries, not enough to bother with harvesting.  But then, after another three years (are you keeping up?  That’s a massive six years later!), there will finally be enough cherries for the season that are ready to harvest.

Around 2 to 4 kilos of cherries are produced by each tree, each season, and ripen into a deep red colour before it’s time to pick.  Each tree can be picked up to five times throughout it’s lifespan, so never fear that your coffee supply will run out!


You’ll mostly find these little babies being picked by hand, with some larger coffee farms using mechanical pickers to lighten the load.  Hand picked coffee is, of course, the best because experienced coffee pickers know what the perfect coffee beans look, smell and feel like.

However, even when picked by mechanical helpers, the coffee cherries still undergo the same process of sorting.  The cherries must tick boxes based on size, ripeness and density to make the cut.  Only the ripest berries make it to the next stage of the coffee lifecycle.


There are two types of processing methods for coffee beans, wet and dry.

With wet processing, the coffee ‘pulp’ is separated from the cherry prior to drying by undergoing a bathing stage.  This is a pretty nifty way to determine if any unripe cherries have made it through to this stage of the lifecycle as they will float to the top.  Wet processing is a popular method in Papua New Guinea and is ideal when looking to reduce acidity levels.

Drying is a more popular method in areas where rainfall is limited because the processing method used depends largely on the climate and conditions of the area it is produced in.  Places like Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia are known for using the dry processing technique.  This makes for a sweeter tasting coffee.


There are so many different filtering techniques and these each impact the taste of the coffee in a huge way.  During the filtering process, some coffee beans are kept in a ventilated environment for 1 to 6 years to further reduce the coffee’s acidity.  That’s a long time to be cooped up for, but trust us - It pays off.

Another filtering process faced by some less fortunate coffee beans in Indonesia is one where the really unlucky coffee beans are met with the Asian Palm Civet (or Toddy Cat) who eats the coffee and, well, you know the rest.  These beans then become some of the most expensive in the world!  Yep, can you believe it?  This type of coffee is called Kopi Luwak and it can cost upwards of fifty bucks a pop for a single shot of the stuff!


Removing the coffee shell from the bean is a long process which can either be done by hand, a machine, or, you know, an Asian Palm Civet sometimes.


A rare luxury across coffee beans is the polishing process.  To make the coffee beans look a million bucks (because while looks aren’t everything, it sure does make us want coffee more when it’s pretty!), they are polished.  The beans are then shipped away for...


Roasting is really where the magic happens.  This is where the most delicious flavours and aromas are unlocked while the sugars within the coffee beans caramelise.  And not to toot our own horn or anything, but it’s considered a bit of an art!  Timing is of the essence when it comes to roasting and there really is such a difference between old beans and drinking the freshest beans of all (btw we roast to order daily) when seeking out that rich, deliciously smooth coffee.

The life cycle of a coffee bean from tree to cup is a long one.  Savour your next cuppas' taste with its' story in mind! 

Summer is here!  And what better way to celebrate than by making your own cold brew coffee?

Sure, a piping hot cup of Premiato coffee is great all year round, but sometimes you just can’t kick those cravings for a refreshing icy drink to guzzle in the sunshine.

Cold brew has grown in popularity over the years and we can totally see why.  Not only does cold brewing your coffee reduce its bitterness, acidity levels (for a happier tummy) and make for a delicious, creamy drink - It’s also super easy to make yourself.

Here we’ll take you through exactly how to make your very own Premiato cold brew coffee at home.  And because you may be making coffee for one, or for a bunch of your family and friends, we’ve given you a couple of options too.

Getting started


What you’ll need:

Load up your Rhino Coffee Gear hand grinder with 17 grams of fresh Premiato coffee beans.  Simply calculate this by using your Aeropress spoon.  Then, rotate the handle to grind your coffee beans until you don’t feel any resistance.  Your ground coffee will fall to the chamber below and be ready for you to take the next step.  The Rhino hand grinder is perfect when you’re making a small amount of cold brew, however can be refilled again and again to make more cups!


What you’ll need:

If you have another type of coffee grinder at home or in the office, that will work just fine too.

And if you have ground coffee beans, of course you can skip this stage and move straight to the next step!

The trick is to keep your beans ground fairly coarse to make the filtration process easier, leaving you with a less bitter tasting coffee.  We suggest using a medium grind for this very reason.

Filtering your coffee

1-4 CUPS:  

What you’ll need:

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is perfect to use if you’re making 1-4 cups of cold brew.  Simply grind up more coffee beans with your Rhino Coffee Gear hand grinder each time you want to make an extra serve.

  1. First you’ll need to remove both the plunger and the cap from your Aeropress chamber.
  2. Then, insert your filter into the inside of the cap and twist back onto the chamber.
  3. Now, stand the chamber on a sturdy vessel where you’ll be storing your coffee.  We suggest a large mug or mason jar.
  4. Pour your ground coffee into the chamber.  Use the ratio of one scoop of ground coffee for each cup.  The aeropress will cater for up to four cups.
  5. Pour your room temperature water into the top funnel until you reach the ‘four’ on the Aeropress.
  6. Press away!



What you’ll need:

Cold brewing your coffee without a filtering device is totally doable too and best suited to large brews.  We recommend using a rough 1:8 coffee to water ratio.

  1. Pour your ground coffee beans into your mason jar
  2. Cover with room temperature water
  3. Stir until well combined
  4. Pour and filter your coffee concoction through cheesecloth into a bowl or saucepan
  5. Place a sieve over your mason jar and pour back through
  6. Repeat as necessary until your brew looks clear

Storing your coffee

Once your coffee has been pressed and you have your desired amount, pour it into an airtight container (such as a mason jar or bottle) and place in your fridge for a minimum of 12 hours.  This will give your coffee time to cool and brew all of those silky, rich flavours.

Serving your cold brew

While cold brew is delicious on it’s own or poured over ice, we also love flavouring ours up with syrups and milk when we’re feeling a little bit fancy.  Contrary to popular belief, you can also serve your cold brew hot for an interesting taste.


We can’t wait to hear how your cold brew coffee turns out!

If you're a fan of cocktails that keep you upright, no doubt you’re a regular espresso martini slurper - and you’re gonna love our 5 best espresso martini recipes! Creamy, delicious and loaded with the good stuff (coffee, duh!), espressos are a fave late night cocktail in our books too. 

 Originating from Soho in London, the 1980s saw a new little devil on the drinks list - The almighty espresso martini.  And while the early days of espresso martinis didn’t stray too far from the traditional variety, now there are a whole selection of interesting and delicious espressos that you can even make yourself.

 Here we’ll share with you our five favourite espresso martini recipes that you can make at home with your Premiato Coffee Beans!

Extracting Your Coffee

 Now let’s get to the good stuff.

Traditional Espresso Martini

How could we leave this little baby off the list?  After all, she’s to thank for the variety of recipes that followed in her footsteps.



Firstly, fill your martini glass and cocktail shaker with ice. 

Then pour your vodka, coffee and espresso into your cocktail shaker. 

Get shaking, empty your glass of ice and pour in your mix (FYI, follow this cooling procedure for each cocktail). Top with 3 coffee beans if you have them handy and prepare yourself for the best traditional espresso martini you’ve ever had!

Traditional Espresso Martini

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

 We’re a sucker for basically anything salted.  So when it comes to our espresso martinis, a little sprinkle of the sea’s jewels are a-okay with us.



Pour your delicious Premiato espresso, coffee vodka and salted caramel concoction into your cocktail shaker.  Give it a big ol’ shake for a nice foamy top layer and double strain into your martini glass.  Garnish with crushed honeycomb for the finishing touch. 

salted caramel espresso martini

Nutella Espresso Martini

Yes, this is a real thing. Nutella espresso martinis are perfect for girls nights, dates or generally at any time where you want to spoil yourself!



Gently heat your milk in a pan, adding your Nutella and cocoa powder and then stirring until smooth. Leave to cool.  Spread Nutella around the rim of your martini glass, then dip into chopped hazelnuts.  Shake up your chilled mix in a cocktail shaker and pour.  Cheers! 

nutella espresso martini

Irish Espresso Martini

If espresso martinis were socially acceptable to drink in the morning, we could drink these all day long!  Not for the faint hearted, this Irish espresso martini recipe packs a punch.



Mix together your Premiato Coffee and whiskey, shake it all up before pouring into a martini glass - Then top with cream.  Enjoy!

Irish espresso martini

Spicy Espresso Martini

We may have saved the best until last with this one.  If you like your cocktails fiery, then this spicy espresso martini recipe is sure to do the trick. 



Extract a shot of Premiato coffee and mix with the sweetened condensed milk in a martini shaker until combined.  Add your milk, vodka, curry powder and chili powder to your pre-chilled cocktail shaker.  Keep shaking until your arms are about to fall off and pour into your martini glass.  Top with a chilli, if you dare! 

spicy espresso martini


What did you think of these 5 best espresso martini recipes?  Are you going to tackle one to make yourself?  Tag your homemade espresso martini with @premiatocoffee to be featured on our Instagram!

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