Nitro Coffee & Nitro Tea

Nitro Coffee

Premiato Coffee is the premium coffee roaster on the Gold Coast who exclusively supply the full Nitro Coffee setup.

From roasting premium beans to nitrogenating and kegging the Nitro Coffee in its final stages, our Nitro Coffee is offered to clients right across the Gold Coast.


We supply custom made kegerator equipment so that you can enjoy or provide your customers with Nitro Coffee on tap.

Wonderfully refreshing and quick to serve, with 67% less acid than hot brewed coffee, your senses will be tantalised and your tummy - sure to thank you.

Our years of research and testing on the Gold Coast has allowed for a discovery of the best coffee to use during the cold brew process. While competitor products may use generic beans, we use a medium roasted organic coffee and perform the entire process at icy cold temperatures.

The coffee then undergoes a precise process of nitrogenation and is carefully filtered through water. This creates a slightly sweet taste with a texture and mouthfeel similar to the type you would find with a Guinness Stout.

Catering to anything from milky flavoured coffees to interesting cocktails and fascinating mixtures, concoctions are limited only by the imagination.

Our exact process on the Gold Coast allows a two-month used by date for Nitro Coffee when refrigerated and our exchange keg system is nothing short of convenient.

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 Nitro Tea 

Delightfully refreshing on it’s own or a fantastic base for flavoured iced teas, our Nitro Tea is to die for. Offered across the Gold Coast, Nitro Tea is a favourite among coffee and tea drinkers alike.

Add a shot of peach syrup for an effervescent peach iced tea or vanilla flavouring for the adventurous.

Our iced Nitro Tea has 66% less sugar than commercially bottled iced tea, without skimping on taste.

Our precise process undertaken on the Gold Coast allows for a two month used by date when kept refrigerated and our exchange keg system applies here too.

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