Top 5 Australian Coffee Trends For 2017

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It’s no secret that Australians are pretty obsessed with coffee. Whether you’re sipping a rich espresso first thing in the morning, a creamy latte over lunch or a nitro coffee in the warm afternoon sun, every coffee lover is on the hunt for a new taste, roast and experience. 2017 has brought some pretty epic trends to our doorstep and Australians going crazy for them. Who are we to argue? Grab a cuppa and check out the top 5 Australian coffee trends for 2017.


1 Independent Cafes

Unlike our American counterparts, us Aussies have waved away many chain-store cafes over time. In fact, coffee chains make up a tiny 5 per cent of our market and there are just 25 Starbucks stores across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This is good news for the little guy and has seen an uprise in independent cafes nationwide. Big players like Gloria Jean’s and the Coffee Club are simply a blip in the caffeinated ocean when it comes to our cafe culture.

The introduction of sophisticated coffee blends and genuine welcoming service was brought to Australia by Europeans following WW2 and has impacted the Australian coffee industry pretty significantly, with stand alone cafe’s focussing more on a quality bean to cup journey. 2017 coffee trends have pushed boundaries one step further by providing customers with unique coffee roasts, blends, experiences and more. Give the people what they want, we say!


2 Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee is by far the coolest Australian coffee trend for 2017 in more ways than one. If you haven’t heard about it’s mystical method, then you’re in for a treat. Nitro coffee is created by using specific beans which then undergo a serious filtering system before being infused with nitrogen under pressure. This gives every cup of nitro a smoother feel and creamier taste. Nitro coffee is stored chilled and served from a draught tap. Yes, just like a beer. The velvety taste of nitro coffee keeps it’s fine consistency with creamy nitrogen enhanced bubbles. And don’t think that the fun stops there - you can add milk and all of your favourite flavourings too. Espresso martinis anyone? We can definitely see coffee lovers everywhere sipping on a Nitro in the warmer months of 2017.


3 Kids These Days

 Millennials love their coffee. And not only drinking it, but also the social aspect of documenting their time spent at trendy cafes. We mean, how many perfectly held cups of coffee have you scrolled past on the ‘gram today? It’s hip to be caffeinated. Consequently 2017 has seen a huge shift in the market and a development in recreational aspects of cafes. A more refined taste is also developing, with millennials stepping away from instant coffee in search of gourmet, specialty roasts. Some are even opting to invest

in high quality espresso and capsule coffee machines to use in the home. Those who have become privy to the fact that energy drinks are no good for the body are turning to our good ol’ friend cawfee for their energy hit during exam time too.


4 Sustainability

By far the most eco-lovin’ coffee trend for 2017, TV shows like ABC’s War On Waste have brought the issue of landfill to the forefront of our minds. Sustainability and environmentally responsible practices are on the up and everyone's doing their bit to make a positive impact on our eco-future. Keep cups, sustainable practices, biodegradable takeaway cups, and the introduction of new products like biodegradable pods are giving eco warrior something to work with in the coffee world. Or you know, just anyone who wants to do their part for the future of our planet.


5 Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew has given 2017 some pretty big fist pumps. A favourite amongst active Aussies, this refreshing beverage is the perfect post-run pick me up. If you’re a fan of cooling down but the thought of substituting your daily coffee with boring old H20 makes you wanna run for the hills, then cold brew is no doubt, your best friend. This niche market has boomed in popularity over the course of 2017 not only in cafes, but also in the home with consumers letting their creative flags fly and making their own cold brew with specialty beans and blends.

What has been your favourite coffee trend for 2017? Let us know in the comments below!


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