Another coffee win! 7 Awards from Royal Hobart Fine Foods 2019

We are over the moon that the judges at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards scored seven of our eight entries high enough to achieve awards. Of note our decaf, which shows you can remove the caffeine and still have a great cup!

The results are:

  • Colombian - BRONZE (Cappuccino - Classic International)
  • Decaf Organic- BRONZE (Cappuccino)
  • Costa D'oro Blend - BRONZE (Espresso/Short Black , Medium Roast)
  • Costa D'oro Blend - SILVER (Plunger)
  • Bellissimo Blend - BRONZE (Cappuccino, Dark Roast)
  • Bellissimo Blend - SILVER (Espresso/Short Black,  Dark Roast)
  • Colombian - SILVER (Plunger)

A big thank you to the judges and organizers of the event, and a HUGE thank you to our customers for their feedback on the coffees over the years that has challenged us to get it right.

- John Boswell


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